Hi!!  I am Ann!  Thank you for visiting my website. Just a little about me, I am from a tiny town called Danville, Virginia originally and I married a man from North Carolina whom I love to pieces, I always said I wanted to marry a Carolina Boy!!   I have two kids, Elizabeth whom is my quiet one and Cameron who is my crazy boy!!  I love them all beyond words,  my home at times is crazy but I would not have it any other way! They are my inspiration everyday to create the real authentic moments that surround us.   If I could tell you the I like most about my job it would be that I get to spend time with each of  you and create unique emotive memories for you and your family to treasure.

I have loved photography all my life but it was not until later in life I began to make photography a career choice.  I started in the sales and advertising industry where I learned the basics of photography where I was responsible for writing, selling and photographing all of my advertising.  After a long distance move and a major career change, lots of photo classes, late nights and practice I am now a photographer.  I am continuing to see the world around me and how it makes me feel so I can figure out what kinds of photos I want to make.

 I believe every family family is unique and sees their everyday differently so no session with me is the same.  My goal is to capture your family's personalitty in a candid authentic way.  I can't wait to meet you and tell your unique story. 


God is First in my house

I am a wife and a mother of two teens

I love the way life looks thru the lens of a camera

I look at your photos in the car right after our session

I love your kiddos from their giggles to their cute little toes

I collect props that I will probably never use

I drive around obsessively to explore new places to photograph

I love the real candid moments between families

Sunset is my favorite time of the day

I love the chaos of life

My kids are my creative inspiration