How should I dress for Beach Pictures?-Pensacola Family Photographer

I get asked all the time how should I dress for my photo session? This is such a great question!! The beach is a place where traditionally families and friends join together to relax and unwind so my first answer is something comfortable and fun!

grandparents with kids-Pensacola Family Photographer-Ann Mangum Photography

Wearing White is great but with our white sand and sometimes our white skies it is best to mix in other colors so you do not blend into the sand! Avoid wearing any bright or neon colors as they will create a color cast on your face. Mixing solids and patterns work nicely when it comes to guys and boys. Colors that work best are navy, aqua, teal, coral, green, gray, pink. Bold colors work great too like red, yellow, burgundy, and green.

kids-pensacola family photographer-Ann Mangum Photography
family by water-Pensacola Family Photographer-Ann Mangum Photography
family-pensacola family photographer-Ann Mangum Photography
mom with kids-Pensacola Family Photographer-Ann Mangum Photography

Things you avoid wearing to your session

Trendy Clothing

Large and bold Jewelry

Big Bows on Children

Neon Colors (They add color casts to your face)

Clothing that is too short or too low cut

Shirts with logos or graphics of any sort this includes the nike swoosh and other athletic apparel

Lotion, do not apply lotion before a session, the sand will stick to your body

Sleeveless dresses, tank tops if you have tan lines

The main thing is you are at the beach so go and have some fun hanging with your family leave the rest to me. You can’t control the heat, or the wind or even the ocean so embrace the ocean in all its beauty. You may want to bring an extra change of clothes and a towel in case you decide to frolic in the waves and don’t forget those flip flops.

jumping waves-Pensacola family photographer-Ann Mangum Photography
family in water-pensacola Family photographer-Ann Mangum photography
mom and baby in water-Pensacola Family Photographer-Ann Mangum Photography
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Lastly don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with your style!! Long flowy skirts and dresses work nicely not only because they are gorgeous on everyone but because of the wind and movement we have at the beach. Mix and match prints with solid colors to add depth and lastly just have fun being you!! Here is a Pinterest Page I have created with a few more ideas.

Extended Family Beach Session- Pensacola Beach Family Photographer

One of the perks about living at the beach is having family come to visit, there is always so much to do here with our white beaches and warm weather!  I remember the first time someone contacted me about an extended family photo session, I was so nervous I thought to myself  how can I get everyone in focus and to smile at the same time.   With a bit of practice and some very patient families I now love extended family sessions.  It is a wonderful time for some great memories and since I have taken them on, I have had many families tell me that this would be the first time they have had photos in 5, or 10 years and sometimes even ever together and that makes my job all the more special!  

This family in particular is special to me because our children have known each other since Kindergarten, her husband has coached my son and  they are such sweet family and always makes me laugh.  And this session was no surprise when I met the sister who was just as funny.  I love families who can laugh and have fun!!

Sommer Family Beach Session-Pensacola Beach Lifestyle Family Photographer

When this mother of two boys contacted me, she wanted to get photos taken for her Christmas Cards.  Just the week before their session we had a hurricane come thru and damage the National Seashore which is where we had planned to have our session. We managed to find this perfect little spot surrounded in a little quiet area of Pensacola Beach and you would never know by the beauty that  surrounded us that we had such bad weather just a week ago. 

  When I asked mom what was the thing she would like to freeze most about her family, she wrote "the sweet hugs and cuddles from my boys"  I think she got her cuddles and with boys there always a bit of  running involved as well! 

Vu Family-Pensacola Beach Lifestyle Family Photographer

Vy grew up here in Gulf Breeze but now lives outside Dallas, she shared with me that she had her family come and visit her baby 3 years ago and they never left, I love that!!  It is so nice to have your family close because your children grow up so fast.  Vy said they get to visit Florida several times a year but they had never had photos taken at the beach, they wanted to enjoy the our white beaches and our beautiful water.  I hope I was able to give them some wonderful memories for years to come!!

Family Photographer-Gulf Breeze, Florida

When Malinda contacted about taking photos of her family and her two daughter"s dogs, I must admit I was a bit nervous!  What if the dogs did not like me, and what if I could not get them to look at the camera??  But oh my!!  How cute are they and how well behaved they were and the girls were just so sweet with them!  We had a wonderful time in spite of the crazy Flordia Humidity!!  

Matilda Jane Clothing Session-Ann Mangum Photography

I always feel so honored to be asked by my friend Jenn to photograph the Matilda Jane clothing line she sells.  I not only just photograph these gorgeous clothes but  my daughter and I are customers too, I love the Finn Pants!!

  It is so exciting to wait for the day the trunk comes arrives and to peek and see what is inside!  And that is what we decided to do with this session is to celebrate the opening of the trunk.  I hope you enjoy these beautiful girls wearing the MJ line.  

Pensacola Beach Cross- Ann Mangum Photography

I always love photographing this family because they laugh, joke and cut up, I find myself getting lost with them, I love it when that happens.