Christmas Family Session-Pensacola Family Photographer

When we first moved to Pensacola my kiddos used to ride thier tricycles in the cul-de-sac of these boys neigborhood, they were all so little.  Since that time we have all moved from each other but I have enjoyed being able to photograph this family each year to be able to stay connected.  They are so handsome and just so funny, I look forward to my time with them because their is never a dull moment!!

Sommer Family Beach Session-Pensacola Beach Lifestyle Family Photographer

When this mother of two boys contacted me, she wanted to get photos taken for her Christmas Cards.  Just the week before their session we had a hurricane come thru and damage the National Seashore which is where we had planned to have our session. We managed to find this perfect little spot surrounded in a little quiet area of Pensacola Beach and you would never know by the beauty that  surrounded us that we had such bad weather just a week ago. 

  When I asked mom what was the thing she would like to freeze most about her family, she wrote "the sweet hugs and cuddles from my boys"  I think she got her cuddles and with boys there always a bit of  running involved as well! 

A Day in the Life- Gulf Breeze Lifestyle Photographer

I admire each of our military families and their service to our country.  Every time I think about moving I get knots in my stomach then I meet a family like Tressa and her kids who have moved every couple of years and they are so proud and gracious about what they do and the people they get to meet it makes me appreciate their service so much more!!  

When Tressa and I spoke about doing a Lifestyle session in her home she told me she had a very active baby boy who loved to be bounced and talked too, and she did not lie, we were able to capture Bentley having a bit of fun.  Aubrie on the other hand could have kept me there all day showing me everything in her room and modeling everything in her closet!  We had so much fun exploring all the light around their house.  I sure hope Daddy enjoys the photos and comes home soon!!  

Tea Party Mini Sessions-Gulf Breeze Photographer

As I am driving to meet this two for their Tea Party session it is raining, but here on the Gulf Coast I have learned not to panic, it may be raining but it 20 minutes you may see the sun again.  We did not see the sun, but it did stop raining long enough for these two to enjoy a spot of tea at their Tea Party!!

Set up: #Matildajaneclothing

Patches of Light-Pensacola Beach Photographer

My daughter Elizabeth has learned over the years to appreciate good light!  She came running in the house last night to tell me, "Mom, you have to come see the sun outside"

 We knew we had just a few minutes before the sun dipped beyond the tress in our neighborhood, I loved watching her take in every last ounce of sun and what was left of the day.  After the sun went beyond the trees, I put my camera down and we went for a bike ride trying to see if we could chase a little bit more of the day before it ended.

Tea Party Session- Gulf Breeze Photographer

Adelyn was a bit shy when she first approached her tea party, but she quickly adjusted.  She fed her dolly a spot of tea and chocolate.  She then decided to take a few twirls in her Matilda Jane dress which was perfect with all the ruffles at the bottom, making for some great twirls.

A special thanks to Jennifer Stubbs, independent rep for Matilda Jane Clothing of which this whole session was styled.



Imagination Session-Gulf Breeze Child Photographer

Tea for 5 please!  I purchased this tent to use as a prop, I think I am in love with it!  And who better to photograph but my favorite family, meet the Adams sisters!  They could have played all afternoon in my tent, but the heat was just too much!!

Sunrise Beach Session- Ann Mangum Photography

I must admit when I give my clients the option of sunrise or sunset, I hold my breathe hoping they do not pick sunrise but WOW have I been missing out!!  It is the most peaceful time on the beach, the is no one around so you have the beach to yourself and watching the sunrise is one of God's true miracle and a must see.  If you can pull yourself out of bed, I suggest you grab a cup of Joe and come on down.  What a blast I had with this family who just moved here from TN, and who knew they just live around the block from me.  Their laughter makes me still smile as I write this blog!

A Beachy Evening- Ann Mangum Photography

Oh how I enjoyed playing with this little one at the beach!  Her mother told me they did not get to go to the beach very often with two small kids you have to pack everything but the kitchen sink.  Little Evelyn was so excited to be at the beach, she ran, she jumped, she rolled and she growled, yes growled at the ocean! I think her two favorite things to do was to roll around in the sand followed by running close as she could get to the surf and growl like a lion at it. I could not stop laughing as I watched her enjoy our gorgeous Gulf!

Matilda Jane Clothing Session-Ann Mangum Photography

I always feel so honored to be asked by my friend Jenn to photograph the Matilda Jane clothing line she sells.  I not only just photograph these gorgeous clothes but  my daughter and I are customers too, I love the Finn Pants!!

  It is so exciting to wait for the day the trunk comes arrives and to peek and see what is inside!  And that is what we decided to do with this session is to celebrate the opening of the trunk.  I hope you enjoy these beautiful girls wearing the MJ line.  

Valentine Day Session at Adonna's Bakery- Ann Mangum Photography

Oh what fun to get to wear Pink and red, go downtown and get to eat a sweet treat!! These two sisters loved their cupcakes so much from Adonna's they took more home with them, and now they have photos to choose to make the Perfect Valentines Day Card.  

Halloween Dress Up-Ann Mangum Photography

Will the Big Bad Wolf get the cat, or will Spidey save the day??  I think these 3 got into their characters perfectly!!

Three Little Foxes

Here is a tale about three little foxes who just wanted to run and play in the graveyard all day long!

Reece and his Cello- Ann Mangum Photography

It's those eyes that draw me in, and then the bow tie, and the smile and if that is not enough he is a music man too.  Loved this session from the summer with this little guy Reece!!

The Archer and The Rock Star, Halloween Minis- Gulf Breeze Photographer

It was a dull and cloudy day with a hint of fall in the air, which made it a perfect day to roam around in an 18th century graveyard (St. Michael's Cemetery). These two sisters were waiting excitingly in their Halloween costumes when I picked them up for our session.  These are some of my favorite sessions to do because I like see their unique personalities shine thru.  

Halloween Mini Sessions- Gulf Breeze Family Photographer

Last year we had such fun photographing in the oldest grave yard that I have ever seen!!  The kids were excited to get dressed in their Halloween costumes and as you can see from the photos they got into full character with much ease.  They wanted me to stay till dark to take more photos, but that's where Miss Ann had to say she was a bit frightened.  

I can't wait to see what the 2015 Halloween Mini Sessions will look like.