Sommer Family Beach Session-Pensacola Beach Lifestyle Family Photographer

When this mother of two boys contacted me, she wanted to get photos taken for her Christmas Cards.  Just the week before their session we had a hurricane come thru and damage the National Seashore which is where we had planned to have our session. We managed to find this perfect little spot surrounded in a little quiet area of Pensacola Beach and you would never know by the beauty that  surrounded us that we had such bad weather just a week ago. 

  When I asked mom what was the thing she would like to freeze most about her family, she wrote "the sweet hugs and cuddles from my boys"  I think she got her cuddles and with boys there always a bit of  running involved as well! 

Patches of Light-Pensacola Beach Photographer

My daughter Elizabeth has learned over the years to appreciate good light!  She came running in the house last night to tell me, "Mom, you have to come see the sun outside"

 We knew we had just a few minutes before the sun dipped beyond the tress in our neighborhood, I loved watching her take in every last ounce of sun and what was left of the day.  After the sun went beyond the trees, I put my camera down and we went for a bike ride trying to see if we could chase a little bit more of the day before it ended.

Tea Party Session- Gulf Breeze Photographer

Adelyn was a bit shy when she first approached her tea party, but she quickly adjusted.  She fed her dolly a spot of tea and chocolate.  She then decided to take a few twirls in her Matilda Jane dress which was perfect with all the ruffles at the bottom, making for some great twirls.

A special thanks to Jennifer Stubbs, independent rep for Matilda Jane Clothing of which this whole session was styled.



Family Photographer-Gulf Breeze, Florida

When Malinda contacted about taking photos of her family and her two daughter"s dogs, I must admit I was a bit nervous!  What if the dogs did not like me, and what if I could not get them to look at the camera??  But oh my!!  How cute are they and how well behaved they were and the girls were just so sweet with them!  We had a wonderful time in spite of the crazy Flordia Humidity!!  

Imagination Session-Gulf Breeze Child Photographer

Tea for 5 please!  I purchased this tent to use as a prop, I think I am in love with it!  And who better to photograph but my favorite family, meet the Adams sisters!  They could have played all afternoon in my tent, but the heat was just too much!!

Maddy and Addy- Gulf Breeze Child Photographer

This idea came to me after I had scoped out this gorgeous field for another client who changed their mind.  The owner so graciously let me use their property, and I could not wait to photograph there.  I did not have a vision but just wanted the girls to have some fun and twirl.

 I must admit, on Pinterest everyone is laying in a field of tall grass and flowers looking so peaceful and happy but our experience was not the same!  We did have fun, but we all sprayed a lot  for bugs, and they were still all around us and we were all on snake patrol every with every move we made. In the end we laughed, joked and had ice cream as our reward. 

Tween Session- Ann Mangum Photography

I had the honor of photographing Morgan a few years back with her sister, we took their two dogs and played on the beach for a few hours.  This time Morgan wanted some photos for her 5th grade yearbook, so we focused on some things that were her favorite.  These photos will be special memory because all of these were taken at her house and this is the very tree she climbs in to this day!  I love it and what makes my job extra special is to not only be apart of such a special time but when her mom said she had "tears when she saw the photos"